The apartment object of the contract is rented only for tourist purposes, inconformity to art. 1 paragraph 2 letter C Law nr. 431/98.


The reservation can be made directly at our agency by phone, fax, email, skype. It is definitely confirmed only on receipt of the "Booking Confirmation" that agency ABC will send by post, email or even hand over personally to the client, immediatly after having received the deposit. With this payment the guest declares his acceptance of the following rent conditions.


Soon after booking, an account corresponding to 30% of the rent price will be requested. (minimum Euro 100,00). The balance, 70% with the addition of the extra obbligatory and optional charges, must be paid at the arrival's day. Guests can choose and optional charges ways of payment: paying personally the account to the Agency ABC  office, sending it by post (postal order, covered cheque by registered letter) or by making a bank transfer or By Credit Card. Guests whishin to book on line will have to pay the account necessariuly by credit card. The settlement, besides the extra obbligatory and optional charges, must be paid on arrival, at the same time by showing the requested documents or before arrival by credit card on line. Guests will be given the keys of the flat ONLY after having settled up.


The deposit will not be given back under no circumstances. Should the guest be forced to cancel the reservation he will have to inform in writing the ABC at lease 5 weeks before the beginning of his day. Otherwise shouldn't the apartment be rented again, the guest must also settle upt the rest. Should the client then decide to leave the flat before the day fixed for the departure, ABC will not refung neither the rent nor the extra charges already paid.


The rent price is stated in the "Booking Confirmation" as well as in the price list pages. The given price also includes the revenue stamps and the contract's charges. Detail of other compulsory or optional charges in conformity with the client's needs, can be found in the catalogue pages titles "Additional Expences". Teh achnowledgement and acceptance of these additional expensed is confirmed by the payment of the account.


The arrival must be on the fixed date between 4,00 pm and 7,00 pm (summer time). In case of delay, the client must inform the Agency. Otherwise the apartment will be kept at disposal just for one more day, after which the agency could rent it again with the above-mentioned consequences for the guest. At arrival all the occupants must show the identification document. To speed up the arrival formalities, we suggest our guests to fill up the special forms with all requested data and sending it to the agency.

NEWS 2022: according to the new rules, cas payments above € 900,00 (nine hundred and ninety//00) are bit acceot, Banknotes of € 200,00 or of €500,00 are not accepted as a result of the Anti-Money Lundering legislation.


It is absolutely forbidden to host a higher number of people of the beds available in the flat. Concerning this, children are considered as adults. Only by request (and if allowed by Agency ABC), client could accomodate one extra person, under payment of a surcharge. The presence, even if only occasional, of a higher number of people than indicated in the contract, will be resolved in the cancellation of the contract. Pets are allowed only if authorized by the Agency, in conformity to the rules of each residence. All guests must observe the regulation in each residence regarding rest hours, especially in the afternoon and at night.


All our apartments are furnished and supplied with stoves or gas cookers, hot and cold water, electricity 200 volts. Every bet is provided of blanket. Guests must only bring their own bed , table and bath linen. If you want, you can rent them on spot. The mattress-covers and the pillow-covers MUST not be used as bed linen, otherwise a compensation for damage will be charged. Usually iron and hairdryer are not provided. Guest must inform Agency ABC about any breakages and missing equipment within 1/2 hours from receipt the keys. If the Agency will not be informed, the costs of the damages will be charged to the client.

The sofa bed, where present, is to be considered an additional bed, with a different level of comfort. 

Bed linen and towels are not included. It's possible to rent, upon reservation, or the client can bring them from home.

The gas bottle, upon request, will be replaced at no additional cost, in compatible opening and closing times of the supplier company.

When the flat is unattended the guests are kindly requested to remove from the garden or the terrace the chairs and the table and to roll up sunshad curtains. It is allowed to keep windows and oors opened while the Air Conditioning (where provided) is on. Should this occur part of the deposit will not refunded.

During you stay it is FORBIDDEN to move the furniture or beds from their original position; any damage caused by the move to the furniture will be charges, as well as any time taken to restore the furniture as it was originally. 

IMPORTANG: in case of trouble with the Air Conditionend system (where provided) the Agency guarantees the repair within 4 working days. The guest wil receive a refund of Euro 5,00 per day during the period of lack of service.


The apartment must be left free on the departure day, at the latest at 10.00 am. In order to allow ABC staff to check the apartment condition and the cleaning, the departure must be during office hours. Also the departure at night or after office hours can take place but only on request. In this case the agency can decide to keep the caution and to return it by certified priority mail after having checked the apartment. Postal expences are personally charged. the flat must be left free of rubbish, bottles, any kind of boxes, etc... The saucepans must be clean, the cupboard shelves cleared out and the refrigerator empty an defrosted (please do not scrape or remove ice with pointed objects but use iinstead the defrost button - usually red - and leave the fridge door open). Shouldn't the flat be left in order, additional cleaning expenses will be charged.

GARBAGE: we ask the kind customers to dispose of the separated garbage periodically. On the departure the apartment must be free of garbage.

Non-fulfillment of garbage will be charged to the client at departure.

In the accomodation, beginning of the season, is provided the Asvo Kit containing bags for wet, plastic and dry. 


The guest must take the utmost care of the apartment equipment (Kitchenware, hosehold appliances, mattresses, etc) Any damage will be charges at list price. As a guarantee for the observance of the above-mentioned rules, the guests will pay Agency ABC on arrival the caution (€ 100 for the flat and € 200 for the cottages). This interest-free caution will be returnet after the apartment conditions have been checked. If it is impossible to control the flat/cottage, at your departure, the caution will be send by mail on monday. 


Agency ABC operates as an intermediary between the guest and the owner of the flat. ABC can not be considered responsible for breakages, accidents, losses, delays and inconveniencies in general that should take place in the flat. The Agency will however help to solve any problem where as possible. Any request of compensation for damages must be addressed to the owner of the flat through the agency.


our properties have been selected according to quality and functional standards and they are periodically checked. All the descriptions given are written in absolute good faith.

We hereby decline every responsability for any alteration, for damage inside the apartment without the knowledge of the owner.

For any problem (except damage caused by the client himself) relating to malfunctions of electrical and/or electronic equipment such as air conditioners, Tv-set, regrigerators, boiler, etc... which must be repaired by specialized personnel and if not available on the spot, the repair service is included in three working days from the date of the notification, within which period NO REFUND is due to the client for breach of contract or damage of any kind and/or nature.

Any complaints must be reported immediately at the arrival.

Clients who leave the apartment/house before the date of the departure, will lose the full amount agreed upon confirmation.

Any complaints reported at the end of the stay or after departure WILL NOT BE takein into consideration. 

12 The agency reserves the right, in the case of unforssen events, to substitute an apartment with another. The request of a particular apartment (number, floor, position, view, etc..) is not always garanteed (if not confermet in writing by the Agency).

13 Agency staff is authorise to enter apartment for inspections and repairs.

14 The prices are not binding for all apartments.


In accordance with the Italian Law 196/2003 "Protection of people in the treatment of personal data" we inform the guest that the personal data provided with the Booking Form will be treated by ABC agency, in respect of this law, only and exclusivel for the reservation accomplishment and the sending of the catalogue.

15 TOURISTIC TAX: from 1st of june 2013 each family have to pay a TOURISTIC TAX for the city of Caorle.

€ 1,00 each person, till € 7 max

Children within 12 years old are FREE.