*   ON line with Credit Card secure payment system (immediate delivery) web www.abcmare.it

ATTENTION:the credit card Visa Electron won't work here.

N:B: so that everything correctly works, your program to browse in Internet (browser= it will have to accept the Cookies. For example, if you are in the page of payment on our site and you have compiled the demand fields but you do not see the following result page of payment summary, complete with the data that you introduced, it is surely due by your program restictions. To resolve the problem is necessary to enter the options of protection or safety of your own program of navigation (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, etc...) and to remove from the sites with restriction the address "http://www.equo.biz/abcmare/ordine/".

At this point will be necessary to close completely (if there are more opened windows) and then to reopen the program of navigation to return to the page payments.

N.B. IF you dont' trust here the automatic payment above described, you can always send to us by email or fax the data of the credit card and to authorize the agency to effect the operation from the local POS device .

* BANK TRANSFER in favour of AGENCY ABC (nearly 10 days):

BANK CONNECTION: Bank Popolare di Verona San Geminiano e San Prospero - Agency of Portogruaro VE Italy

IBAN: IT85Y0503436240000000040056

Swift: BAPPIT21656

registered to Agency ABC 


Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena– Agency of Caorle

IBAN: IT 22 J 01030 36020 000001021069

Bic: PASCITM1454

registered to Agency ABC

* You can also make a Money Transfer with WESTERN UNION. Very quick service: one day !

* You can pay with PAYPAL

Go to your account PAYPAL and send with SEND MONEY

Write our email adress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and write ADVANCE HOLIDAY with your NAME