Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can I book by 2021 holiday with the voucher released in the 2020 ?

If you have a 2020 Voucher valid for the next season and you with to book, you have to contact directly our Agency, by mail or phone. Our Team is at your disposal to make your reservation according to your wishes and our availability.

If you book within the end of December 2020 we have a special deal for you ! You will get an wxtra 5% over your Voucher's value !

NB. The Boucher can be transferredo to family but is has to be used for one unique reservation.


Q. Is there a summer period in which the rate is more convenient ? 

A. Yes ! Usually in the week between June und July and between July and August the discount is advantageous.

Q. Are there discounts for the one whom books more weeks ?

A. For bookings of three weeks or more a discount of the 10% excluded the period (end july - end august) will be applied.

A. For biweekly bookings or more up to first saturday of June  and from the first saturday of September, a 20% discuont will be applied.

Asked to out Team in which building is possible these special prices.

A. For seasonal applications differente facilitations will be recognized.

Q. I've already booked my vacation, can I cancel my reservation ?

A. In case, for serious, unforeseen reasons, you will have to cancel your booking, by giving us written notice, the deposit paid will not be lost if the cancellation is made up to 30 days before arrival. 

In case of cancellation from 21 days befor arrival, the deposit twill be withheld as a voucher for 2022.

In case of NO SHOW or within 21 days before the arrival, the deposit will be withhel and you will have to pay the balance of the reservation and agency charges.

In the event that government restrictions on mobility between states or regions are in force during the period of you stay, such as the closure of borders or the obbligation of quarantine upon return of the holiday, or your destination/area of residence is declared a "red zone" or one of the trip members is tested positive for the Covid 19 (certified by the relevant health body), you can choose whether to leave the deposit for a subsequent booking within 12 months.

Q. Can I modify the already confirmed reservation ?

A. Yes you can modify your reservation, an extra € 60,00 for reservation change.

Q. Is there a toll-free number to call the agency ?

A. Yes, Skype we have activated an use. If you use the well-known Internet program, you can look for the "abcmare" user with the specific function. You will find a reference to our agency that will allow you to call and to free speak, independently from the place in which find you. It is another service for our customers. TEL VOIP +39 0421 9030890

Q. In what period can i use the swimming pools?

A. Swimming pools are open from the beginning/middle of June till The middle of September. Each building can decide to change the opening period. Each swimming pool observe a different timetable, you have to check it at the arrival day.

Q. In what period can i use the private beach of the buildings? (only for the apartments that includes the private beach in the price)

A. Private beaches are open from the begin / middle of Mai till the middle / end of September



Q. Can we arrive by TRAIN ?

A. Sure ! You can visit for timetables and tickets or calling the call centre 0039 892021

Rail way station MESTRE tel. 0039 041 715555

Rail way station SAN DONA' DI PIAVE tel. 0039 0421 330835

Rail way station PORTOGRUARO tel. 0039 0421 71223

From each rail way station a taxi or bus service is available to reach our resorts.

Taxi Mibile 0039 333 4544633 or 0039 333 9158332


Q. Can we arrive by PLAN ?

A. Sure ! From each airport a taxi or bus service is available to reach our resorts.

VENICE - Marco Polo Tel. 0039 041 2606111

TREVISO - San Giuseppe Tel. 0039 0422 31511

TRIESTE - Ronchi dei Legionari Tel. 0039 040 631484

VERONA - Valerio Catullo Tel. 0039 045 8095666 -


Q. Can we reach you by BUS ?

A. Sure ! From each station you can take a taxi.

ATVO Caorle Tel. 0039 0421 383675

ATVO Portogruaro Tel. 0039 0421 383652



Q. Can I reach Porto Santa Margherita ut to what time and to take on consignment the flat ?

A. The agency is open every day ut to the 19.00 p.m.; if you think about arriving later, it is better you phone to arrange a formality of different delivery.

Q. At what time can I take possession of the apartment ?

A. The arrival of the customers has been being anticipated for the hours 16 pm. To know if there is exceptionally the possibility to arrive the morning, you can call us one or two days before your arrival. The Keys pick up always takes place with between 4.00 PM and 8 PM of the check - in date.  The apartments will be available from 4:00 PM of the check in date, since we need some time to clean and control the flats after the former tourists departure. However, on request, if you apartment is already free and clean, we will albe to hand the keys over in advance.

Q. If the delivered apartment seems not in perfect state, unsatisfactory cleanings, defective blind, objects lacking from the inventory... how do I have to behave me ?

A. It is necessary to communicate it to the agency that will provide to reppair how much is necessary as soon as possible; for the cleanings particularly such communication will have to happen within and NOT OVER 1 hour of the arrival, otherwise claim will not be accepted.

Q. Which documents do I have to introduce in agency to get the keys of the apartment ?

A. The customer has to introduce in Agency with his/her own copy of the rental leas and a document of personal idetity. If you want to save time you can pre-compile the APT FORM (list of tourists) and to deliver to us it to Your arrival. You can ask us the APT form by mail or phone. This list with the names and data of all the people will be write in all its parts. It is a formality that is required by Italian law and if you help us by filling it at home or while you wait outside the agency, your check-in will be quicker.



* During the check in you will be given a leaflet, where you will find important tips and information about the accommodation and the seaside resort. Please read it !

** In respect of all the tenants, you are kindly requested not to smoke in our flats / cottages.


Q. Can I bring  me some animals ?

A. Animal are allowed in some of our structures, not in all.

At booking time please communicate the animal presence to the staff and an extra will be charges to the reservation. Yes, if arranged with the agency, since only some structures will welcome your little pets. Besides, is to know well that in every casa the animals of measure large will be welcomed only eventually in cottages with garden. Attention to the new code of the road in vigor from 1st of July 2003 in Italy, if you tralvel by car. They must be bind with the transports (if their measure is small) and in a zone delimited by authorized net (if ther measure is large).

Q. If the reserved apartment is not endowed with television, how can I make up for ?

A. It is possible to weekly rent it to the cost of Euro 35,00. If you ask it during the booking, we will do it and you will find it in the apartment. ALL OUR FLATS and VILLAS have Television.

Q. What furnished I found i the flat ?

A. You have to bring onl Bed linen and Towels for the Bathroom. You can rent it in our office for € 10 each person the Bedlinen. The apartments are ewuipped with dishes, kitchen utensils, a pillow and a blanket for each bed. (linens, home and personal hygiene products not included) If there are no dishes or other kitchen equipment please contact our office staff immediately or MAXIMUM the day after your arrival for a new supply.

Q. Are the apartments endowed with washer for the laundry ? 

A. Yes, but only some. For all the others it is available however an automatic landromat with token always open (24 hours) in center Porto Santa Margherita. There are besides two dry laundromats opened in office hours.

Q. Is it possibily to assist to the Sunday Service (in church) ? 

A. Yes, there is a small Catholic church in the entrance of PSM and one new beautiful and big Church in Viale Lepanto. They celebrate functions every day: work at 20.30 o'clock and festive at 07 o'clock -9 / 11 / 21

Q. Do ethnic restaurants exist ?

A. Yes, there are restaurants where to eat good fisch, but also Indian, Chines and Japanes restaurants. But you have also to know that there are good restaurants of pizza because in Caorle there are differet schools of "pizza" and many managers of restaurants are World Champions !

Q. Do fun-parks exist for adults and children in the zone ? 

A. Yes, in Caorle you can access the aquatic Park Aquafollie; the prices are € 17 for the adults and €14 for the childrens up to ten years. But you can directly acquire the tickets in our agency and in that case you will receive a discount of € 4 for the adults and €2 for the children.

Q. Hou far is Caorle from PSM ?

A. They are separated only from the river Livenza and therefore they are practically attached. Caorle is an attractive country of fishermen full of attractive things and shops. Caorle is reachable by car (2,5 Km), or with the bus every 20 minutes (TKT you can buy in our agency), or with the ferry evenry 30 minutes.

Q. Are there supermarkets and commercial centers in the zone ?

A. Yes, there are supermarkets, shops of groceries, shops of attire, of gift articles, sporting articles, restaurants, ice shops and other places of diversion. There are also great commercial centers in the ray of 25 Kms. SOme are following here listed:

* ALIPER in Altanea open 7 days 7 all day

* Center CARREFOUR in Portogruaro (to 500 mts from the motorway tollgate of the highway A4)

* Center IPERCOOP SME in San Donà di Piave

Q. Which sport can I practise in the zone of vacation ? 

A. there are different possibilities in the near Caorle, you can have all the information in our office or to make reference to the local office for touris APT for detailed informations calling the nr. +39 0421 81085 or +39 0421 81401

Q. Do I have to divide the domestic rubbish before preparing the pouch of the trash ?

A. Yes, possibly, especially if you are already used to do it this it won't be a problem. Every block of flat in PSM is organized for the diversified harvest of the rubbish. They must be divided in: Damp )organinc) in the small green container, Paper (also wood, bardboards and cork) in the great yellow container, Plastics (also glass, aluminum and metals) in the great white container, Dry (component not riciclable: polystyrene, tetrapak, etc...) in the great clear green. We suggest You to bring from you house the poiches for the harvest of the damp componens since they are not here on sale !. If you have wxhaused batteris you can bring them in our agency, or to bring them to your house.

Q. Is it possible to connect to the INTERNET at PSM ?

A. Yes, but only in some private areas (here there are no public areas that offer the service). You may take your laptop or PDA (smart phone) with WIFI. Our agency will also offer Internet service through wireless connection, or by booking our Windows PC inside. the cost is between 3 to 5 Euro every hour depending on the mode, i.e.: with your computer and connection continuous, or use our computer non continuou ly. Any prints on A4 paper will be priced separately. The service is delivered through ticket with unique disposable lasting our hour. The apartments in the condominium Gallery 3 are the only ones under WIFI service described here, being just abour our agency. Alternatively, some local beaches and bars offer the same service in the city.



Q. If I don't have enough cash money to the arrival, can I immediately pay a part of the bill and then the rest to the departure ?

A. NO. For Bookkeeping motives we have to immediately to receive the whole sum.

Q. In agency, can I pay with banking checks or electronic money, in alternative to the cash money ?

A. Yes, in agency, you can pay with circular banking (pre-paid bank checks) checks als registered to the agency; or with POS Bancomat or Credit Cards Visa and Mastercard.

You can pay the balance in cash, with a check, credit card in our office or comfortably from home via credit card on our web site.

The traceability legistlation limits cash payments up to €1.999,99. For this reason, payments exceeding this amount must ONLY be made with traceable instruments such as bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, bank checks, postal checks, circulars checks.

Q. Are there any extra costs to be paid at the check - in ?

A. There may be additional costs to the total rent. Generally, they are the beach cost, cleaning and the tourist tax. Remember that a deposit of € 100,00 is required upon arrival (€50,00 per person for groups of children). Remember that at the check-in a caution of € 100,00 for flats and € 200,00 for the villas.



Q. Do I have to pay the cleanings even if the apartment has been polished up to the perfection ?

A. Yes, cleanings are mandatory because we have entrusted a specialized company that besides cleaning deeply, it also effects the disinfection.

Q. At what time do I have to leave the apartment and to redeliver the keys ?

A. The apartment must be leaves free between the hours 09.00 and the 10.00 of the established day.

The agency reserves the right to charge a fee for any delayed departures (after 10,00)

Q. If I wanted to depart before the established day, as do I have to behave me ?

A. It will be necessary to arrange with the agency the formality. If the departure will happen on time of office it will be enough to redeliver the keys ad after the control in the apartment the moneys deposit will be redeliver to you. If the departure will happen out schedule of office, the keys can be left in the postal box beside the door of the agency; the moneys deposit will be expeditious delivered by mail and deduced the expenses (of postal delivery).

In the event of early departure, ABC is not required to return the fee and wxpenses already paid.

Before the refund of the deposit, our staff will check a random sample of flats to verify the overall conditions of the rented units. If the flats are not cleaned or are damaged, the caution money will be withheld.

The flat or cottage must be left tidy, free of rubbish, bottles, boxes, wardrobe shelves cleaned with fridge empty and defrosted with the door open.



 Swimming pool. N.B. Swimming pools are open from the beginning of June untile the middle of September. Each residence have a special hous to use it. Subject to changes. Please ask for details.


You can have your pets in this building.

aria condizionata Air Conditioned.

garage Cover Parking place.

lift Lift

non fumatori NO SMOKING in all our flats / cottages

parcheggioParking Place

trasporti pubblici Taxi and Bus close to the building

estate5 Playground area

Dishwasher on request

Washing machine on request

Microwave Oven on request

Safe on request

TV: all our flats and cottages have television. In some of these Tv in the bedrooms too. Ask to our stagg

 Beach Service:

CONDOR - MARGHERITA - MIRAMARE obligatory fee paying beach

ZATTERA and MARCO POLO Optional Beach (fee - paying)

A SERENE and SAFE HOLIDAY in accomplice of the ANTI COVID-19 disposal

Q Is it safe to come to Porto Santa Margherita ?

A. All our structures are adopting cleaning and sanitizing measures in order to ensure to everybody the maximum safety in accomplice with the directives of the health authorities. In our Beach there will also be wide spaces between the sun umbrellas.

Q How will the check in procedure happen in the agency's office ?

A. The access in the agency is allowed to only one member per family wearing a facemask and with the hands sanitized with the gel located at the office's entrance. In case of fever or flu symptoms or if you know you cam acresso a person potentially positive to Corona Virus 19 in the last 14 days, the access inside our office and apartments is not allowed, therefore we kiindly as you to inform us. Dureing the check in we kindly ask you to maintain 1 mt of social distancing.

Our staff is furnished with personal protection equipment and it is trained and aware about the measures provided by the competend health authorities.

Q. How will you manage the cleaning service in the apartments ?

A. The cleaning and sanitizing protocol of our apartments has been integrated with the indications of the Ministry of Health: a deep cleanins is performed followe by a careful sanitization of the surfaces, furnischings, dishes, utensil and floors with disinfectants and products anti - virus. Even equipment such as high charis or cots for children will be properly sanitized and disinfected at avery change. The staff is constantly trained and informed abou the procedures to be respected and is always equipped with the required PPE such as masks and gloves and in possession of sanitizing gel.

Q. How will you carry out the maintenance in the apartments ?

A. If maintenance or repair work is necessary, our trained staff will interven respecting interpersonal distances and equipped with safety devices.

Q. Will the Swimming pool be open ? Which safety measures will be adopted ?

A. The pools will be regularly opened, except for those where it will not be possible to respect the sanitary protocols: get specifcally informed in our office.

Q. Do I have to use the protective facemask in the pool, at the beach and/or in which other places ?

A. The use of the face mask is mandatory in indoor public places, such as the agency offices, elevators, bar, restaurants, pizza places, shops....

In bars and restaurants you can remove your mask whilst sit at your table.


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