Respect for the environment

We are working for some years to weigh less on the environment.
In 2010 we renovated the premises of the agency and in that time has been improved insulation and air-conditioned building. Now for heating and cooling offices we use a heat pump with high efficiency powered by electrical energy source.
Since then, the primary energy requirement is reduced and consequently are also decreased pollution. We do not use any more natural gas to warm offices and the only source of energy we need is electricity.
However long we provide energy from renewable sources, namely: coming from hydroelectric stations of the neighboring Trentino region. Our supplier is indeed Trenta Spa.
However we wanted to self-product all the energy needs of our agency and more. For this reason, in December 2014, we did install a proper solar PV system that we expect to produce around 12,000 kWh of clean electricity power annually.


  The new photovoltaic system 10.5 kWp


Electric Vehicles


Meanwhile, in 2013, the partner Sabina, has decided to replace her old petrol/LPG car (I.C.E.) with a fully electric battery powered car.
This is a Renault Zoe able to travel an average of 150 km on a full charge of energy.

Renault Zoe

In 2017 we replaced the old diesel van with a new electric one. It is a Nissan e-NV200 Van that is not only more capable in the load compartment than the old one, but being a battery we will be able to power it from our auto energy produced or anyway from renewable sources.

Furgone Nissan elettrico con livrea completa Medium

And here there are the two vehicles in charge.

e NV200 e Zoe in carica

The energy output in excess of the photovoltaic panel will cover most of the requirements for the operation of these vehicles.

 carica zoe

We are happy to share with our customers that our commitment to the environment. If you travel with a hybrid vehicle (plug-in) or pure battery car, we will share our outlet in the parking lot of the agency. Let us know your arrival so we are sure to serve you.

Charging Stations

For your electric trip, see the map with the charging stations operating in Italy.

 CEE Blu 32 A – 3,7 kW CEE Blu 32 A – 3,7 kW CEE Blu 32 A – 3,7 kW


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